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With each day that passes, another tomorrow comes.
and with each tomorrow that comes,
so does my soul grow more fragile.
It becomes difficult, as the years grow longer
to find the fragrance of the once loved
that's been snatched away from me.
It becomes irrecoverable, the once beloved sight
the heart that has grown fonder
is broken.
But while every moment passes
and with each second that flies,
the value of the memories we shared
neither ripens or depreciates into nothing
but remains unchanged, as if perpetual within time.
For even after one hundred tomorrows,
or even after one thousand tomorrows,
the signficance, of what you taught me,
remains the greatest, and most wonderful
memories I experienced.
Just read.
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could I :petting: you are so blue.
would you come green
very deep indeed.

did something happen? I really like the poem.
no, I just felt poetic :P
you're too good at everything.
Man that's deep!
Nice one mate..
made me thinking...
BlackHateRedBlood Nov 26, 2006
my favorite part is when you spelled the title wrong and all the times you used the word in your poem as well it's "Tomorrow"

just kidding dude

I like the flower/plant/birth/growth metaphors
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